1 August 2010

A teaser of the new layout/site launch - coming very soon!

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17 March 2010

The re-birth of Les Deux is about transition. As the inevitable weight of the realities of life – finishing exchange, finding a career to name the most immediate – start to sink in, there are some things which may fall by the way.

Les Deux is our commitment to not let that happen. Across a new and broader range of topics and posts, it will continue to be our outlet, a link to our creativity and a source for inspiration…happy reading!

We’d love to know what you think of V.2.0.. so feel free to leave a comment!

Launching, Now
2 July 2009
Having launched Les Deux last week, I am slowly building the layout up and experimenting with various posts and ramblings.

At the moment, I am working from home, whilst grooving to MJ (sorry Gareth, will return your CD soon but I have yet to organise my iTunes on my mac yet so haven’t uploaded songs as yet). [RIP]

I am waiting for the moment that I’ll finally be able to get access to Gimp and hopefully it will work on my mac!

I have also just recently relinquished my role of President of the UNSW division of the University Network for Investing & Trading (UNIT) after quite a satisfactory semester and am now looking forward to an exciting period of my life overseas!

Now, 28 days and counting down …

Welcome to the world of Les Deux! Les Deux is 'the two' in french, us two - H & G. We both hope you enjoy your time here, and remind you to check out our new City Sidekicks collection. Feel free to drop us a message any time!
             Helen & Gareth

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